Bettina Laisbo

Self-made Success

Bettina started riding as a child and has never worked with anything else than horses. But with a staunch belief that things are going to be a success if you have the talent and work hard enough for it, she now has an extensive expirience in training and education of dressage horses to the highest level, giving her a huge knowledge and expirience in the situations that can occur and affect the horses, which is why they are handled with care and common sense to the horse and rider.

After some years on Dalby Riding School, Bettina chosed to go solo and became self-employed, and the trip went around Kgs. Hoergaard and Wilhelmsminde, before she in July 2007 moved into the new premisis at our purchased farm, where the work now mainly focus training and education of own top-quality dressage horses, as well as teaching.


As she recognize that working with horses is extremely time consuming and difficult, she also realizes that this is not a hobby but a lifestyle. And as each horse's competences and mind are different, no wonder methods are used, but only patience and solid work.

And one of the hallmarks of Bettina when it comes to a horse she really believes in, is the great passion for the daily work in her career  as a professional rider, where her ingrained competitive streak clearly shows.

Bettina has teamed-up with other highly competent people within their field in the horse industry, for through this competent network to ensure, always having very good training guidance and advice, as well as expertise related to the breeding and educational side of the horses.Logo Press Release.jpg