Alongside the teaching, training and competition, we also offer top quality and well-educated talented dressage horses for sale. So if you are looking for a first-class dressage horse with an outstanding pedigree, please feel free to have a look here, where we constantly will update the list of horses we have under saddle. And should you have found an interesting horse at our website, then please feel free to contact us for further information and details, as we love to show our horses for potential customers and clients.
But before contacting us, it is important that you consider carefully whether you are seriously interested and ready to buy a horse, as well as you only try the horse if you believe that this could be the horse for you. This is both for our sake as well as with respect for the horse, which is under its education.
Apart from our own breed and raised horses, and being one of Denmark's top dressage riders, Bettina has also played a significant part in the education of other well known horses, of which you have some examples below...


UVM - redigeret.jpgSpotted by Bettina and ss a part-owner, before being sold to the American dressage rider Todd Flettrich, who had a wonderful time on him, Bettina educated him up to victories in PSG, as well as they participated at WCYH in 2002 as 5y old in Verden, Germany with a score of 74.80 % 


Boney M.pngWhen Boegegaarden Stud purchased this stallion, the close relationship with Bettina was the basis for the future basic dressage education of the horse, where the basic foundations was built for his succes, as well as he was presented at the National Stallionshow in Herning in 2011.  


Unavngivet.pngBefore being retired by the Norwegian Owner, Bettina educated this Silvermedal mare all the way up from early youngster to victories in Grand Prix, with many victories along the way. As well as they participated at WCYH in 2005 as 6y old in Verden, Germany with 6th place in the final.


Casmir.pngWhen purchased by Laila Roschmann after being spotted by Bettina, it came naturally that Bettina became the first rider of this horse, where the basis education was done before Blue Hors Stud purchased the horse whereafter he won the National Championship in 2005 as 6y old. He later continued his education under Andreas Helgstrand, where they won Danish Championship in 2007 as well as they were placed at European Championship in Torino same year.


Champ 2006 vinner.pngBefore being sold, first to the Italian dressage rider Silvia Rizzo and later, through Helgstand Dressage, to HP Horses, Bettina took good care of this special goldmedal mare and educated her up to victories in PSG, as well as they also won the National Championship as 5y old and became 2nd as 6y old.


Wild One.jpgBred by Laila Roschmann, she was never in doubt that Bettina was the rider for this horse. The talent though was fast seen by horsedealer Klaus Munkedal, who purchased the horse, whereafter it was further educated by Sanne Henningsen before being sold to American dressage rider Tuny Page, who then claimed many victories on the horse.