With room for upto 20 horses in various sized living boxes and with quality equestrian facilities, LAISBO HORS'ES is specializing in Top Quality Dressage Horses, were dedicated and professional dressage training and teaching, as well as private stabling are offered. And apart from nine dedicated large grass paddocks with rail fencing for the competition horses, and 5 large grass paddocks for the youngsters and breeding, furthermore we have drained sand paddocks which can be used when the weather shows its not so nice side :-)


LAISBO HORS'ES provides an ideal environment with spacious facilities for stabling and training of Dressage Horses. And during our ongoing modernisation, we have a strong focus and attention to every detail, as well as the natural aspect with great emphasis on sustainability in order to preserve the natural given resources. Nicely placed, closely to each other, in order to ease the daily training life for horses and riders, are the professionel facilities for stabling and training, where the additionally planting of trees etc. helps to create a great combination between the natural environment and training facilities, as well as it creates ideal surroundings and conditions for breeding, housing and raising of horses.

 Ridebane 1.jpgWith many years of expirience on various national and international riding arenas, an outdoor arena of 20x60 meters was developed and build in 2007 with great care, since this is the "workplace" of the horse, wherefore it has been constructed to absorb the load of the horse during exercises. Therefore, in recognition of rider and horse has great demands for the surface condition, and with great consideration to the desire of optimizing the horses "durability", it was decided to build our arenas, only using the finest dedicated materials, in order so excess rainfall can penetrate to lower part of the arenas, where it could be drained via a build-in system, but also with the possibility of shutting-off in case of longer dry periods, thereby being able to control "the water level" on the lower part of the arenas, ensuring the upper level being right moistered, and thereby minimizing the risk of skidding and dust. Furthermore, with the fixed installed pop-up sprinklers, using collected rain-Water, we can ensure watering during dry periods.

Ridebane indgang.jpg

By constructing our arenas this way, we have achieved that our arenas are water-permeable, firm and slightly springy, giving optimized possibilities to absord the load exerted on the horse track, especially when the horse is shoe imposed, whereby the hoof flexability is minimized. This combined with an outdoor mirror for the beneficial of the rider, and the nicely placed plants and trees around the arena, ensure that the arena is wonderfully positioned with a relaxed feeling during the daily training.  

Ridehal 2.jpgOur indoor arena has the measurement of 21x 50 meters, and have been modernised in such way that the rain water from the roof is lead to the bottom of the surface, thereby watering the surface from beneath as a kind of "ebb / flood" system, helping us saving usage of drinking water, taking further care of our natural resources.

Ridehal 1.jpg

Round Pen.jpgLocated behing the horse-walker, a superb large outdoor round-pen is placed, carefully build with a small angle to ensure correct load of the horses legs when exercising.

Skridtmask 1.jpgAnd carefully positioned between the stable and the indoor arena, a new horse-walker for 4 horses is under construction, and is scheduled to be completed during the summer of 2016.