Our interest in breeding was awakened with Bettina winning the National Championship, for 5 year old horses, back in 1995 with SOUTH-WEST LIGHTNING. This led to a breeding agreement with the owners of the mother LENA in 1996, in order to try same combination as LIGHTNING, because how difficult could breeding be :-)
This brought us SOUTH-WEST SEALIGHT, and she should later prove to be a flying start of our breeding, as she won her mare election, obtaining Silver Medal at the Eliteshow in 2000, and was on top of the Danish Warmblood breeding index for a number of years, with a score of 153-walk, 156-trot, 167-cantor, 155-rideability and 161-capasity
Breeding 4.jpg
Breeding 3.jpgOur aim is to produce horses with exceptional athletic ability and high rideability. But above all - wonderful temperaments. And we get an average of 2 foals every year, as well as we are open to invest in potential young horses, in order to produce and promote exceptional dressage horses through professional quality breeding, raising and training.
In our horses, we put the health and well-being very high, and the horses are in the pasture or paddocks every day, where broodmares, foals and youngsters are out living in our protected natural environment during the season. And when the weather is showing its not so nice side, we have closed sand paddocks which helps us in not destroying the grass paddocks.

breeding 2.jpgFor our newborn foals, we have a small "garden-paddock", which is highly used for their first times out, as we thereby has a good view and control of them.

Here seen with our 2014 offspring SOUTH-WEST SEXBOMB and her mother SOUTH-WEST LOVE'LIGHT.

breeding 3.jpgOur offsprings get close relationship, and seems to have fully joy of each other. And yes, horses do lay in "spoon" too :-)


breeding 4.jpgWe rarely prepare our foals for public shows. But occasionally through special invitations, and when the offspring is of a certain quality, we do not mind.

Here seen with our 2015 offspring SOUTH-WEST GIGOLO and his mother SOUTH-WEST LOVE'LIGHT shown at Helgstrand Dressage.